Calling all Blondes!!

A repairing shine treatment with color enhancers, optical brighteners and natural softeners moisturize, restore and refresh lightened, highlighted and blonde or grey shades.

How to use: Apply to damp, towel-dried hair or dry hair. Twirl before use. Do not rinse; leave to dry naturally or style as desired.

Benefits: Radiant shine, Counteracts Yellow and Gold Tones, Paraben Free, Strengthens, Nourishes, Moisturizes17630182_10155013712275281_6024121633114324818_n

Winter Static Got You Down?


Photo Credit Bodeche™

As if the bitter cold isn’t enough, we have to deal with this awful static in our hair too?

No worries! We have a few tricks to beat winter static and make every day a great hair day!

-Try not to use any plastic combs or brushes when brushing your hair, stick to metal or ceramic.

-Stylist Cece Yoder-Riker recommends using Products from Eufora’s Nourish™ line. The Leave-In Hydration™ is essential during these dry winter months.Eufora-Nourish-Collection

-Stylist Aaron Michael Kosiba recommends using  Pure Polish™ drops after styling hair. Pure Polish™ is a no-weight shine, anti-frizz control, styling and finishing product. It adds beautiful luster and shine to dry, flyaway hair. It alleviates static and adds softness to coarse hair while conditioning as it shines. Bonus! It’s great for split ends too!!


-Stylist Kristyn Duhaime recommends a deep conditioner weekly and rocking a fab winter braid like below to keep any left over static off your face :)